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Medical Cannabis Helps treat Epileptic patients and reduces seizures in Minor

Watch the video above to learn how Cannabis helped treat this 4 year old minor and reduces her seizures from 300 a week to one a week!

Medical Cannabis in California helps treat a variety of patients with different illnesses

- Natural treatment for Cancer

- Treatment for Epilepsy

- Treatment for headaches

- Treatment for back pain

- Plus so many more medical conditions

Its not about smoking! Look past this and discover the many different ways to ingest medical cannabis and the components in the plant that may help you or your loved ones obtain pain relief.

Here at 420 Physicians we have 3 minor patients whos parents have sought medical cannabis cards for their children and have expressed the relief and amazing results that their children have shown from CBD ingestion.

Call us today at 420 Physicians Tracy we are here to service the needs of people seeking a medical cannabis card in order to relieve symptoms of their current medical conditions. Come and try the safe and natural hollistic relief for pain.

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